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Here children learn to set up a snare to trap wild game for food.

When a disaster happens, your kids need to know how to react and they need to know what to do. A parent or a guardian may not be around or they may be injured. Here are five organizations that prep kids and their caregivers for disasters and emergencies.

1. HandsOn Network

The HandsOn Network volunteer centers provide valuable resources and motivation for youth preparedness around the country. The website can help you locate a HandsOn Network Action Center in your area. (; 404-979-2900)

2. Youth Service America

Youth Service America offers a variety of programs that not only get kids and youths involved in their communities, but also helps them becomes aware and how to prep for natural disasters. (; 202-296-2992)

3. Save The Children

The “Get Ready, Get Safe” program is designed to help communities prepare and protect children. It includes child-focused emergency plans, training and resources. (; 800-728-3843)

Escape a threat with camouflage.
Escape a threat with camouflage. Photo by Renee Simmons Morrison

4. American Red Cross

Your local chapter of the American Red Cross offers youths and young adults age-appropriate preparedness materials and training. A free app teaches kids to prepare for real-life emergencies through a fun and engaging online game. (; 800-733-2767)


This resourceful website has online tools and games to make the survival learning experience enjoyable and rewarding as well as educational. In Disaster Master, kids help a team of super heroes make the right decisions through lessons on wildfires, tornados, hurricanes, blackouts, home fires, winter storms, tsunamis, earthquakes, thunder storms, lighting and more. (

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