Of all the survival gear on the market, nothing compares to a good blade. With a proper piece of steel, a dedicated survivalist can defend himself, manipulate his surroundings, procure food and prepare it for cooking. A man with a knife can control his environment. A man without a knife is subject to it.

There is an absurd stigma in America against automatic knives. The criminal misuse of automatic knives is essentially nonexistent, yet the less durable members of our society harbor an unnatural fear of them. As a result, many typical Americans fail to appreciate the exceptional practical utility of these devices. Fortunately, the good folks at Raven Crest Tactical are hardly typical Americans.

Automatic knives come in two broad categories. Side folders represent the classic switchblades wherein an integral spring powers the blade. Stowing this sort of knife involves compressing the blade against internal spring pressure.

Raven Crest Tactical’s knives, by contrast, are all fast, easy-to-use “out-the-front” (OTF) designs. OTF blades are not stowed against a compressed spring. Activation of the sliding safety catch provides the energy to deploy the blade. A similar operation in the opposite direction returns the blade to its stowed position. While the mechanism has plenty of energy to operate reliably without resistance, the blade is not deployed with enough horsepower to do any damage accidentally. When deployed, the knife behaves as a standard fixed-blade tool. The inimitable sound it makes when activated is cool enough to elicit an involuntary grin.

Ready For Anything

Raven Crest offers its knives in a variety of sizes, blade designs, contours and colors. The pommels of all Raven Crest knives incorporate hardened steel points for breaking glass. Raven Crest belt clips are reversible, and all of the knives come with a cool carrying pouch. All Raven Crest knives also come with a genuine lifetime warranty. Short of physically losing the tool, Raven Crest will repair or replace the knife without a fuss. The company will even sharpen it as needed at no cost.

In the words of Raven Crest’s Nate Mirand, “What makes us different is that every Raven Crest Tactical knife comes with a full, unconditional lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty. When you buy a Raven Crest Tactical knife, you are buying a knife for life. We not only fully stand behind our product quality, but we also stand behind how we service our customers’ needs after the sale. We love knives and we love our customers. We are just three simple men who have a deep passion for knives.”

Blade styles range from simple to complex. Tanto points provide strength and chopping power. Spear points provide double-edged cutting capabilities. Optional serrations greatly enhance the cutting capability of the tool on such materials as cord or rope.

Many of the other automatic knives commonly available on the market today are little more than toys. Blades wobble badly, catches wear quickly and the tool degrades to the point where it is useless or even unsafe. By contrast, Raven Crest blades are built like tanks. On the Raven Crest website, you can watch a guy use one of the company’s knives to turn a steel clothes dryer lid into a colander.

The laws concerning the carry and use of automatic knives are clearly spelled out on the Raven Crest website. Take a glance at the site and see where your state stands.

Raven Crest Tactical sells automatic knives that deploy one-handed and are sturdy enough for hard use out in the real world. Thanks to Raven Crest’s legitimate lifetime guarantee, this is literally the last knife you ever have to buy. For more information, visit or call 480-232-6090.

This article was originally published in the SURVIVOR’S EDGE™ Fall 2015 edition. Subscription is available in print and digital editions here.

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