Halloween Safety Month
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Get your kids ready for a fun and safe Halloween.

Halloween is a fun and frightful time of year, but don’t let the spookiness jeopardize your child’s safety. October is Halloween Safety Month and it’s not just the treats you have to worry about. Now is the perfect time to start prepping for the Oct. 31 festivities.

The National Safety Council wrote on its site:

In 2013, an estimated 6,100 pedestrian deaths and 160,000 medically consulted nonfatal injuries occurred among pedestrians in motor vehicle incidents, according to Injury Facts 2015, the statistical report on unintentional injuries created by the National Safety Council.

The American Academy of Pediatrics put together a list of ways to create a healthy and safe Halloween. Here are some tips from the site:

Pedestrian Safety

  • A parent or responsible adult should always accompany young children on their neighborhood rounds.
  • If your older children are going alone, plan and review the route that is acceptable to you.
  • Remain on well-lit streets and always use the sidewalk.
  • Review with children how to call 9-1-1 (or their local emergency number) if they ever have an emergency or become lost.


  • When shopping for costumes, wigs and accessories look for and purchase those with a label clearly indicating they are flame resistant.
  • Plan costumes that are bright and reflective. Make sure that shoes fit well and that costumes are short enough to prevent tripping, entanglement or contact with flame.
  • Because masks can limit or block eyesight, consider non-toxic makeup and decorative hats as safer alternatives.


  • Only go to homes with a porch light on and never enter a home or car for a treat.
  • Wait until children are home to sort and check treats. Though tampering is rare, a responsible adult should closely examine all treats and throw away any spoiled, unwrapped or suspicious items.

For more information on staying safe this Halloween, be sure to visit the National Safety Council Website at nsc.org and the American Academy of Pediatrics at aap.org.

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