If you’ve heard of CorBon, you probably know the company’s reputation for producing high-quality ammunition, from the Glaser Safety Slug to the powerful Pow’RBall. If you haven’t, well, it’s time you learned about the company and invested in some of its offerings, which could help save your life or that of your loved ones.

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As this video shows, CorBon is a small company based out of Sturgis, South Dakota, that primarily specializes in producing high-performance pistol and rifle ammunition suitable for personal and home defense, law enforcement duty and competition. The company offers loads designed for high penetration, low penetration—it all depends on what your circumstances call for. CorBon’s newest handgun ammunition line is the DPX, will all-copper construction. The load’s Barnes XPB bullets are environmentally friendly and retain 100-percent of their weight, even after passing through intermediate barriers. The permanent crush cavity is also considerably larger than that of a typical jacketed hollow point, or JHP. Also, the all-copper construction means that DPX ammo is certified as being lead-free in states that require it, like California.

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