You might not be near a hospital when a disaster strikes. A simple cut can become dangerously infected in the aftermath of a disaster. So what should you do? You need to check out Doom And Bloom, a company that specializes in medical kits and information for when ambulances and doctors are nowhere to be found.

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At, you’ll find over 700 articles on medical preparedness. The company’s medical kits run the gamut from those designed for casual hikers to extensive, premium-grade kits for those providing medical assistance to a whole group of people. The first-aid kits, of course, are put together by Doom And Bloom’s founders, Dr. Joe Altan, MD, and Amy Alton, ARNP, an advanced registered nurse practitioner. Together, they’re the authors of The Survival Medicine Handbook as well as speakers, podcasters and YouTubers and contributors to leading survival/homesteading magazines.

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One of Doom And Bloom’s kits is the Ultimate Family Medical Survival Bag, a 32-pound bag that holds dozens of tourniquets, dressings, towels, sponges, masks, a head lamp, sterile gloves, antibiotics, antiseptics and so much more—far too much to list here. Another purpose-built pack is the Gunshot Wound Kit, which comes with everything you need to stop the bleeding and stabilize a gunshot wound.

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