Prepping yourself and your family to survive natural or manmade disasters is a constant task. As the threats facing us continue to change and evolve, so too must the gear that we’ll rely on during an emergency. These selections from this year’s National Preppers and Survivalists Expo in Florida highlight some of the state-of-the-art technology that promises to help you navigate a disaster’s aftermath safely. From charging devices to water purification to must-have illumination tools, look to see what’s new and how you could upgrade your gear to handle whatever threat tomorrow has in store for you.

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Brushy Mountain Beekeeping Kit:; 800-233-7929

Powertac X3000:; 919-239-4470

Living Towers Tower Garden:; 352-357-4453

First-Light T-Max:; 877-454-4450

GoalZero Lighthouse 250:; 888-794-6250

BioDome Shelter:; 954-300-3222

Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling:; 877-430-2583

Potable Aqua Pure Electrolytic Water Purifier:; 800-558-6614

Greenivative GMAG Battery Charger:; 321-638- 4885

LokSak Storage Bags:; 239-331-5550

Self Reliance Strategies Seed Kits:; 321-348-4113

Molecular Products Rugged Oxygen Generator:; 303-666-4400

OATH Ammunition:; 844-442-6284

Night Vision Depot BNVD-SG Binocular:; 610-395-9743

Durastill Water Purifier:

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