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Nature Reliance School was founded in 2006 as a comprehensive resource for self-reliance knowledge and skills. The school goes to great lengths to offer an extensive learning environment in which both beginning (meaning zero experience) students and advanced students alike can be educated and grow in their skills. So if you don’t know the difference between an acorn and an apple, or if you are an experienced operator looking to add to your “tactical toolbox,” Nature Reliance School is a great option for you.

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Students come from all over to train with Nature Reliance School in Kentucky, and its trainers will even travel to those who want to host them. The school offers an extensive calendar of courses, and it will even build a class to meet your needs. Some of the courses include wilderness survival, scouting, land navigation, remote first aid and edible plants.

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Aside from in-person courses, Nature Reliance School also offers online survival courses for any level of survival experience, so whether you’re a novice or a pro, you’re going to learn something new. For one low price, you’ll have access to several videos an webinars to further your understanding and skillset. For more information, visit

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