Hideaway Flasks is bringing you quality flask gear to get you through any adventure. Whether you’re hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, hunting or biking, the Outdoorsman Flask Kit is sure to come in handy.

Hideaway Flasks offers a variety of flasks for everyday use. There are complete kits, three packs and even singles of each of its three sized flasks.

The spouted flasks sold in all kits are BPA free, leak proof and extremely easy to fill with your favorite liquid.

The plastic flask kit takes up little space and is ideal for travel. They fit extremely well in your luggage to allow them to travel with you on your cruise, flight or next outdoor adventure.


Outdoorsman Flask Kit:

  • Two (2) of the 8 oz. Flasks
  • Two (2) of the 16 oz. Flasks
  • Two (2) of the 32 oz. Flasks
  • One (1) filling funnel
  • One (1) filling instructions

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