In a backwoods emergency, a reliable knife can mean the difference between life and death. Battle Horse Knives has built its reputation by crafting do-it-all knives that can help you make it through an off-grid survival situation. This reputation is personified in three of the company’s best-selling models—the Scout Platoon, the Bushcrafter and the Large Workhorse.

Measuring 11 inches in length and made famous for its use on the show Dual Survival by master survivalist Dave Canterbury, the Scout knife is a no-frills, all-business cutting tool. Made from 01 tool steel, the knife’s cutting edge measures 5.3 inches and a saber grind.

The Bushcrafter is another popular utilitarian blade design that can be used for a variety of campsite and trail chores, including the construction of game traps and bow-drill sets. Also made from durable 01 tool steel, this 8.5-inch, spear-point knife offers a flat grind that’s great for slicing and dicing.

When you need a high-performance cutting tool on the hunting trail, you need the Large Workhorse. With an exposed lanyard hole, removable scales and a stonewashed finish, this 8.5-inch cutter is at home in a treestand or on your hip for everyday carry. For more information on Battle Horse Knives, visit or call 740-995-9009.

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