Two-shot derringers have been around since the great days of the Old West, as gamblers, outlaws and lawmen needed small, easy-to-conceal pistols to protect themselves from violence on the frontier. Why, derringers were easy to hide discreetly in a vest pocket without anyone noticing. One company that has been creating reliable, tank-tough derringers for decades is Bond Arms.

One of the newest derringers from Bond Arms is the Patriot, a two-shot mini pistol that can hold either .45-caliber rounds or .410-gauge shells. And, the barrel assemblies are easy to swap out—just take out one screw—and you can replace it with another Bond Arms assembly, from .22 to .45. The trigger system also automatically switches between barrels after each trigger press. Various barrel lengths are available. The stainless steel finish is bright and smooth, while the walnut grips offer superb traction.

Another noteworthy offering from Bond Arms is the Backup, which has a black powder-coated frame and a matte-finished barrel assembly. This all-business, deep-cover derringer has 2.5-inch barrels in either 9mm or .45 ACP. As with other Bond Arms models, the crossbolt safety is easy to reach for safe carrying and easy deployments when needed. For more information, visit

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