In essence, the Zubin Axe is the perfect hiking and camping tool. It’s a multi-tool hiking staff, and several interchangeable heads are available, including an axe, a saw, a spear, a fishing (or frog catching) spear and even a slingshot. The staff itself is made from one piece of rugged natural hickory wood with an ergonomic rubber grip for comfort and enhanced control.

Each of the five optional tools is thoughtfully designed with the outdoorsman in mind, and each interchangeable tool is made of top-quality 440C stainless steel for strength and durability.

As this video illustrates, all of these traits make the Zubin Axe one of the most useful hiking and camping tools on the market today. Not only is it a high-quality hiking and walking stick, but its attachments make it an indispensable item to take on every trip in to the wilderness. Imagine having all the tools of necessity right there in your hands, ready to use with just a quick change of the Zubin Axe head. In fact, the company even offers nylon pouches that will help you carry the interchangeable heads.

Changing tools is quick and easy. Once you have the walking stick in hand, using the included Allen key, simply swap out the head the one you want. Zubin’s lightweight tools fit into any backpack or camping gear roll without adding the weight of the full-sized tool. For more information, visit

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