Campcraft Survival Skills
Photo by Campcraft Preparedness Ministries
Learn essential backwoods survival skills at Campcraft.

Campcraft Preparedness Ministries is a Kentucky-based survival school and outfitter that gives you the gear and the know-how you need to keep you and your loved ones alive when disaster strikes. Aside from the preparedness courses the company hosts, Campcraft also offers high-quality survival gear, like the handmade Colonel knife, as well as instructional books on a variety of subjects, including Pathfinder Wilderness First Aid.

The Colonel is the ultimate survival knife, created to keep you alive regardless of the environment you find yourself in. With a 6-inch blade made of rugged 5160 steel, it’s fully capable of chopping down a tree or processing logs up to 4 inches thick for a backwoods fire. The knife’s robust blade is strong enough to be pounded into a tree to be used as a baton.

Pathfinder Wilderness First Aid is a supplement to the hands-on course taught at The Pathfinder School. It provides students with the opportunity to learn emergency wilderness care principles as it is taught at the premiere school of wilderness self-reliance. The text offers up-to-date information on how to handle common injuries and illnesses when medical care is hours or even days away. Readers will learn to utilize a 10-piece survival kit and what nature has to offer to treat themselves and their loved ones in a potential emergency. For more information, visit

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