An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) can be a devastating event whether it’s natural or manmade. These bursts of energy can instantly destroy your personal electronic devices and the data stored on them, severely limiting the resources you’ll have on hand to survive in the wake of a disaster. To combat these losses, Data Prepper has released its Faraday Bugout Bag and Data Library package.

Featuring the highest RF signal attenuation on the market, the bag is large enough to hold all of your personal electronics, all while sporting a non-descript outer appearance. From GPS devices to flashlights to laptops and solar panels, the Faraday Bugout Bag offers a portable barrier against the effects of gamma rays on your essential bug-out gear.

What’s more, Data Prepper also pre-loads the bag with its Data Library, a veritable encyclopedia of survival-related information and scenarios packed onto a small USB key. These directories contain the basic information needed in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. They range in subject from emergency response resources to shelter construction to trapping and hunting guides. Whether you’re a lifelong prepper or someone just starting to construct their bug-out bag, this all-in-one package can help you prepare in detail for making it through a disaster’s aftermath. For more information, visit

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