Soliberated Solar provide industry-leading solar equipment and quality support to those who want to liberate themselves from the limitations of the power company. As this video illustrates, the company offers several high-quality products to help homeowners and survivalists stay on the cutting edge.

Soliberated offers portable solar panels, from 18-watt units that will charge a 12-volt battery system, including a jumpstart system, to 14-watt units that will charge smaller devices like cell phones, tables and GPS units. Another innovative Soliberated Solar product is a flashlight that also serves as a charger—it’ll hold a charge for a long time and can even help jumpstart your car.

For larger power needs, the company offers a 50-watt, pure-sine-wave inverter in a tank-tough green case. While these portable options are handy for trips, Soliberated Solar also specializes in everything you need to power your home with just the sun—from large panels and support racks to high-end inverters. For these systems, the company has an extensive network of installers and technicians to get your family off the grid quickly, with constant customer support that will have your back no matter what. In short, Soliberated Solar is a one-stop shop for harnessing the sun’s abundant energy. For more information, visit

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