White Harvest Seed Company
Photo by White Harvest Seed Company
The White Harvest Seed Company offers Basic and Large Survival "Seed Pod" kits for $40 and $50 respectively.

Food is one of the tenets of survival, but do you know where your food is coming from? Many large corporations have taken over the farming industry and, to increase production, have introduced several genetically modified crops that will resist pests, grow larger than normal and increase profits. The counterpoint to this is going “organic,” where the crop is mostly untouched. But the ultimate level of control is buying seeds and growing your own food, allowing you to monitor every step of the process. And, you’ll get that extra bit of joy of knowing you’ve helped produce something with Mother Nature.

This is where the White Harvest Seed Company comes in. This small, family-owned business specializes in producing heirloom seeds that are true to type, open pollinated and not at all treated or genetically modified. White Harvest goes a step further by offering the Safe Seed Pledge, and according to the company, “Our varieties have all passed our germination test of quality, surpassing the state’s [Missouri’s] requirements, to ensure to our customers germination results that meet your standards, as well as ours.” For more information, visit whiteharvestseed.com.

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