We see movies all the time of lone wanderers trying to survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic future, like in Mad Max and I Am Legend. But in reality, having a network of people—family, friends, neighbors—in a tightly formed survival group can definitely increase all of your survival odds exponentially.

How do you go about forming a survival group? Who will be the leader? Who will be in charge of security? Does anyone specialize in medicine? What about growing food or scavenging for resources? To answer all of these questions, you need to check out Personal Readiness Education Programs, or P.R.E.P., founded by Charley Hogwood, who also serves as its chief instructor. As he illustrates in this video, P.R.E.P. offers several survival courses, but the company specializes in group survival. Why, Hogwood even wrote the book on the subject: The Survival Group Handbook: How to Plan, Organize and Lead People for Short or Long Term Survival.

Prior to focusing his life to personal emergency preparedness, he served for over 15 years in both the U.S. Army and the Florida National Guard. He was an honors student in a class of 436 soldiers at the Leadership Development School in Fort Benning, Georgia, among many other leadership and survival certifications. His experience has been tested on several continents and in many natural disasters.

If you don’t have time for the book, you can access P.R.E.P.’s new “Group To Go” DVD, which offers several printable forms to begin building your survival group. For more information, visit

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