Power of Three
Photo by Power of Three
Whether you're faced with a natural disaster, job loss or home emergency, Power of Three has what you need to survive.

As soon as you become serious about self-defense and survival, you’ll start to understand how much it takes to truly withstand the worst natural or manmade disasters. There’s more to survival than just food, water and shelter. And while you could go about getting every individual piece of kit on your own from several different vendors, Power of Three offers everything you need in its one-stop online shop.

According to the company’s website, “Power of Three was formed to Prepare for uncertain economic times, Protect our investments and ourselves, and Provide goods and services to others.” The company’s “On Your Own Store” provides essential products you’ll need if you are suddenly on your own—thanks to natural disasters, a job loss or power failures. With Power of Three, you can buy portable water filters for survival, Wise or Legacy food products for long-term storage, survival backpacks, emergency blankets, shelters and ponchos from Adventure Medical’s SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer), first-aid kits from Adventure Medical, water filtration/purification kits by Berkey and Aquamira, and emergency candles and other non-electric lighting products, including oil lamps and Dietz lanterns. The company also offers knives and other tools from Schrade, Gerber, Kershaw, SOG, Buck, Cold Steel and more. For more information, visit powerofthree.biz.

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