The Patio after using StainhandleR.

My husband’s not too high on getting up onto our severely pitched, Cape Cod-style-home’s roof. He maxes out at getting onto a ladder to clean the gutters.

That’s why I surprised him last spring by calling on a local roof contractor to come and rid our roof shingles of the unsightly dirt, pollen, mildew and algae stains. The nearly $300 cost was worth saving our marriage (quite possibly my husband’s life) and perhaps buying us a couple of more years on the life of our roof before it needed to be replaced.

The contractor did a very nice job on the roof by spraying some sort of chemical concoction on it that started eating away the stains in a matter of minutes. Funny enough, my husband didn’t even notice the rejuvenated roof when he got home from work. So much for the big surprise I had planned. What he did notice was an irregular, sparkling-clean patch on our concrete walkway that leads up to the front door. I went outside with him to look. Sure enough, the contractor must have spilled a small amount of the cleaning solution on our old path. Hmmm.

The light bulb really went off later on one day as I was thumbing through an issue of TNP magazine and saw an advertisement for StainhandleR. Since we had already had the roof done professionally, we started thinking about our five-year-old concrete patio that was badly stained with green algae and brown leaf tannin.

I surprised my hubby again, this time with a $23 gallon of StainhandleR Roof & Deck Cleaner. He used it on our 300-square-foot patio and we both love the way it turned out.

How To Handle It

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using StainhandleR to get the best results. Read all the directions on the bottle carefully. Start by giving the concrete area a good cleaning to get rid of any heavy debris.

According to the directions, concrete cleaning calls for a four-to-one ratio (water/solution) for tough concrete stains. Since our patio has a broom finish, dirt really gets in there. My husband said next time he’ll use a three-to-one ratio. Wearing rubber gloves and safety glasses, fill your garden sprayer with the water parts first and then add in the StainhandleR. Shake it up some, and then spray it liberally over a roughly 10-by-10-foot area. Any more than that and you’ll be chasing your tail during the next two steps.

Let the cleaning solution soak in for 10 minutes, then spray it down with your garden hose. Let it sit for 15 minutes more. The final step is to bust out your pressure washer and have at it. As a precaution, we heavily hosed down surrounding shrubbery before pressure washing for fear of killing the good stuff along with the bad.

Without question, StainhandleR worked for us. The next thing we’re going to try from StainhandleR’s sister company is RainhandleR, a revolutionary alternative to home gutters that will keep my husband off the roof for good! For more info, visit or call 800-942-3004.

This article was originally published in The NEW PIONEER™ Fall 2015 issue. Subscription is available in print and digital editions here.

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