TOPO MAPS: An up-to-date road map can be bought at most gas stations and many convenience stores. Many will show smaller dirt roads through less-travelled areas. For much more detail, especially in the real outback, carries a variety of topographical maps covering the entire country that include different sizes, different grid and navigation markings, and different levels of area coverage. Some can be picked up at outdoor recreational stores, and many can be downloaded directly and printed right at home. Specialized custom maps made to your own specs on waterproof paper, including aerial photos and satellite prints, can be ordered from for even more specific and narrowly defined needs.

OFF-GRID MAPS: Specializing in off-grid maps for smartphones and tablets, Trimble Outdoors provides an abundance of map options for a low price. The highlights include:

  • Download off-grid maps by county, national park, wilderness area or hunt unit onto your iPhone or Android device. With one click, customers can now download topo map areas right from the Trimble Outdoors apps. Once installed, these maps can be viewed without a cell connection.
  • Get instant access to private land maps in the Trimble Outdoors apps as well. See property lines, landowner names and acreage details.
  • Print navigation-ready maps at home. You can print maps in two sizes and pick from five different map types. All maps include navigation grids, compass rose, and can be used with a compass or GPS-enabled device.
  • View private land details in the Trip Planner tool on the company’s website.
  • Learn more about the new products and membership pricing structures online at

LIFESAVING PHONE APP: Locator911, a rescue-assistance app by Youla Mobile Solutions, facilitates a more rapid response for fast, accurate help in times of emergency. The handy app compiles users’ current location data, including an address and latitude and longitude coordinates for police, fire or EMS, thus improving response times in emergency situations. Utilizing a GPS-enabled smartphone, coupled with third-party mapping and location software, this simple application provides users with quick and continuous access to their location data, including GPS coordinates and addresses when available. Locator911 provides a single-button dial for 911, allowing users to identify their location rapidly and provide this data to a 911 operator in the event of an emergency. For more information, visit

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