Tiny House


• Cultivate patience.

• Include a few simple luxuries in your tiny house. You owe it to yourself.

• Build an outbuilding to store items that get only occasional use.

• Decide on the right size home for you and work to build it without debt. Our 1,400-square-foot “big house” took us almost three years to build and is exactly what we need.

• Find a supportive community. We have friends who also live in tiny houses, so they  understand the unique challenges of small-space living. We also have friends with bigger houses who welcome us when we get cabin fever.

• Develop habits of clearing clutter on a daily basis.

• Go paperless.

• Keep track of every penny you spend.

• Schedule away time—being so close to your family will be great, but you will need some personal time, too.

• Remember, space is personal and your right size is not everyone’s right size.


• Expect  living tiny to make your life easier or solve all your problems. It will solve some, but it will create others.

• Ignore local building codes. Building on wheels  doesn’t exempt you from adhering to building codes.

• Feel bad if you come to realize that you need more space.

• Wrap your identity up in your house size.

• Expect that once you downsize you are done. Simple living requires diligence
and constant vigilance to keep clutter out of your life.

• Expect everyone to understand your desire to live so simply.

This article was originally published in The NEW PIONEER™ Winter 2016 issue. Subscription is available in print and digital editions here.

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