Spartan Enyo

The Spartan Enyo – Black is an EDC neck knife designed by Curtis Iovito and Mark Carey of Spartan Blades. This fixed blade knife was designed to for strength and durability. The Spartan Enyo can take on everything from the simplest everyday tasks to survival situations.

You will have multiple options for carrying the Enyo (i-nye-oh) because it comes with a form fitted Kydex sheath to match the color of the blade. The sheath has an IWB (inside waist band) loop and includes a 2′ para-cord with the signature plated pewter Spartan helmet and a stainless steel neck chain. Whether you want it in your pocket, around your neck, mounted to your vest or in your waist band this companion knife will be ready to serve. It also has filed groves on the handle for positive traction and the ergonomics that make it comfortable to use.

The blade tip is strengthened by the ergonomic design which places the tip in line with your hand while the cutting edge stays in an upward curve. You will comfortably use the Spartan Enyo to cut, slice or pry with ease. Adding to the blade strength is the use of CPM S35VN steel, which has a 59-60 HRC, and fusing it with the patented SpartaCoat – PVD makes the Enyo one tough tactical knife. These features will give you a superior edge quality, scratch resistance and stain resistance.


Maker: Spartan Blades
Designer: Curtis Iovito and Mark Carey
Blade Size: 2.6875″
Blade Thickness: .1875″
Total Size: 6.25″
BladeMaterial: Stainless CPM S35VN Steel -SpartaCoat, DLC Diamond Like Coating (Flat Black)
Sheath: Black Kydex Sheath with neck chain and IWB (Inside Waist Band) loop. The sheath is Blade-tech hardware ready.
Weight: 2.8 oz.

The Spartan Enyo has an MSRP of $150. For more information, visit

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