Bug Out Trailerz
Photo by Bug Out Trailerz

Bug Out Trailerz builds fully customizable trailers that provide the ability to shower, use the restroom, keep a cooled fridge and have plenty of provisions stored during the aftermath of a disaster. There are many features in the different designs that Bug Out Trailerz builds, giving today’s prepper a customizable way to escape to safety in the event of an emergency.

Originally designed to aid in relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Andrew, the Bug Out Trailerz design provides you with a veritable command center to help keep you and your loved ones safe when the grid goes down. These non-descript trailers are available in three sizes that will fit easily in your garage or driveway, and they sport a non-descript appearance to keep from attracting unwanted attention.

The company’s premium models include a water tank and pump, a toilet, bath accessories, LED strips, insulated walls, a fully enclosed shower and a refrigerator. Solar panel systems are also an add-on option. The company’s largest trailers can haul up to 7,000 pounds of provisions and support up to 16 people for six months of off-grid living.

Whether you want a bare-bones trailer to customize with your own gear or one that’s been outfitted with all of the company’s cutting-edge equipment, Bug Out Trailerz has a model to fit your needs. For more information on all of the company’s products, including a video demonstrating how the trailers are constructed, visit bugouttrailerz.com.

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