Vasquez Canyon Road
CBS Los Angeles

Vasquez Canyon Road in Santa Clarita, California transformed severely, without warning and within a matter of hours, according to CBS Los Angeles.

A group of geology students from UCLA visited to site where the road has been uprooted by an unknown cause.

In the video below, the professor who led the excursion, Jeremy Boyce, explained that there was no rainstorm or earthquake to trigger the buckling road, but that geological processes can take place over millions of years or in an instant.

CBS Los Angeles reports:

Drivers started calling California Highway Patrol about the road coming up on Thursday, and since then it has kept rising into a 200-foot strectch thats erupted by more than 15 feet in three days, stumping local engineers and geoligists.

Vasquez Canyon Road will be closed until further notice. To stay up to date with Los Angeles road closures, visit the Department of Public Works website at

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