The knives listed below can all be considered a top purchase for your outdoor adventuring and survival preparation. Each of these survival blades would be the perfect tool for a myriad of simple but essential survival needs, especially preparing your catch of the day. If you love the great outdoors, hands-on activity and durable tools, check out these blades.

For More Information

1. White River Sendero Bush Knife
(; 800-353-7343)

2. Buck Knives Omni Hunter 10PT
(; 800-326-2825)

3. Hallmark Bad Blood Jungle Commander
(; 865-583-3912)

4. Kershaw Buck Commander Antelope Hunter II
(; 800-325-2891)

5. Schrade SharpFinger 152OT
(; 800-251-0254)

This article was originally published in the SURVIVOR’S EDGE™ Winter 2016 edition. Subscription is available in print and digital editions here.

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