The following is a release from BarrelBlok:

Originally designed for use by law enforcement and elite tactical teams, BarrelBlok™ brings a level of safety and realism to firearms training not achieved in the past. Designed with input and feedback from law enforcement professionals and tactical teams, BarrelBlok™ is simple to use, ensures safety and is highly effective. No disassembly or tools are required to use BarrelBlok™. By preventing the firearm from chambering a round, and maintaining the mechanical functionality and operational weight, training is more realistic and avoids the introduction of training scars. BarrelBlok™ is perfect for dry-fire and repetition training, force-on-force and active shoot training, as well as in-home and civilian training. After many requests from civilians, gun shops, instructors and other professionals, BarrelBlok™ is available for purchase by everyone!

There is a paradox that has always existed in firearms training- safety versus realism. Because firearms training is inherently dangerous, taking steps to make sure that the firearm and the training environment are safe is always the primary concern. However, when the firearm is made “safe” for training, the ability to train with the weapons platform in an operational state is then sacrificed. The term “operational weight” refers to the full weight and set-up of the firearm as it would be carried in a “duty-ready” state; “locked and loaded” as it were. In most cases, when a firearm is made safe for training, the weight and balance of the firearm changes, in some cases quite drastically. When an individual trains with a firearm that is physically different from the way they carry their firearm in a “duty-ready” state, training scars are inadvertently introduced during training. These training scars can negatively impact how the individual would perform in a real-world situation. Over the last 10 years, elite tactical teams and forward-thinking training organizations throughout the country have led the push to replicate and increase the realism of training by not altering the operational weight of the weapons platform being used. The question then shifts back to how do you train in a realistic manner while still maintaining safety?

It is the paradox above, in part, that led to the development of BarrelBlok™. The primary concern during the development of BarrelBlok™ was to make sure that the firearm was made safe by not allowing the introduction of a round into the chamber. At the same time, to maintain the operational weight and dynamics of the firearm, BarrelBlok™ had to be lightweight and durable. BarrelBlok™ achieves both of these criteria in a way that has changed how training can be conducted. Not only is the firearm incapable of chambering a round, BarrelBlok™ also serves as visual indicator that the firearm is safe for training.​

Now that the firearm is safe, training can be made more realistic. Because the firearm does not have to be altered from its operational state, any training that takes place fully replicates how the weight and balance of the firearm will be in a real-world scenario. This allows the firearm to be used in a dry-fire or repetitious manner for any kind of training. For pistol models of the BarrelBlok™, the visual safety indicator that extends from the muzzle also serves as a clearance indicator to ensure the proper draw height from the holster. Rifle models of the BarrelBlok™, the safety indicator also serves a clearance indicator for working around obstacles and other tactical team members. Whether you are a civilian who wants to practice clearing your house, or a tactical team performing active shooter or force-on-force training, nothing provides the level of safety and realism that BarrelBlok™ does!

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