Jim Cobb
Jim Cobb

No matter how long you’ve been prepping, there are bound to be items that you either forgot to stockpile or will run out of in the event of a long-term disaster. When considering the realities of such a scenario, survival expert Jim Cobb advises preppers to prepare themselves to barter and trade in the aftermath of a long-term societal collapse. In a worst-case scenario, your money will likely be worthless as a commodity. Instead, according to Cobb, there are two types of valuables that you can use to barter or trade with other survivors—“stuff” or skills.

Cobb provides preppers with a blueprint of how they can approach their current planning and make sure they have the right assets in place to “pay” for any necessary items in an aftermath scenario. In regards to physical items, he has three rules for every prepper to follow as they look ahead to acquiring future trading items. First, whatever you stockpile for future trading should be relatively inexpensive now. Second, the item(s) should be long lasting and easy to store. And third, any item you keep for potential trading should have some inherent value to you so that you can still use it in the event that trading isn’t necessary.

With Cobb’s rules in place, you can still maintain your budget and your gear capacity while still preparing for a post-collapse society. For more information on Jim Cobb, including handouts from his presentations and videos on related subjects, visit survivalweekly.com.

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