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During the Angel Thunder exercise, Rescue Global deployed a portable wireless communication system that allows its Pathfinder teams to establish a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) coverage area in the location. This system reached every mobile and smart device user within the area (which in this mountainous region had no coverage) and broadcast a Rescue Global text message that allowed the recipient to call and request help or information. This creates a fully functioning GPS and 3G cell phone network. It was used in Angel Thunder to communicate casualties, to allow the news crew to make international calls and help determine where resources should be used.

UNIVERSAL COMMS: Rescue Global also introduced an integrated inter-operability gateway to allow the group to plug in every type of communications device (radio, cell phone, land line, etc.) into one system. It allows its users the ability to talk to each other on a common, single platform. This answers the chronic challenge that often hampers multi-agency responses to disaster events.

GLOBAL EXPERTS: Rescue Global toggled Google Glass to its communications and tracking system, thereby allowing the command team to track and see what the Pathfinders could see. Blended with UAV and other overhead imagery, the Google Glass helps decision-makers make immediate risk and threat assessments for the team in the field. The system also can facilitate having off-site expertise advise Pathfinders in the field. This was achieved in a previous mission when a John’s Hopkins surgeon in the U.S. examined patients remotely, with Pathfinders in the Philippines carrying out his orders.

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