Healthy poultry
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Check out these natural ways to raise tasty poultry.

1. Enrich pastures with high-quality compost to improve soil.

2. Rotationally graze your birds and let the pasture lay fallow. For every three days a pasture is being grazed, let it rest for 21.

3. Grow your birds slowly to develop flavor and lower the stress level. Do not give them feed designed to promote fast growth.

4. One type of feed does not fit all. The content and quantity of feed varies depending upon age.

5. Buy good quality organic or non-GMO feed.

6. Be sure that a clean source of water is always available.

7. With proper farm management, you can eliminate the use of antibiotics, hormones and growth stimulants.

8. Cleanliness is critical to keeping a flock healthy. Remove manure and replace bedding monthly or more frequently if needed.

9. To prevent the spread of disease from one flock to another, have visitors who have been among other flocks wear booties if they are going into areas where your poultry is located.

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