BilletVault created a unique whistle designed to alert for help in various situations. Take the LumAlert with you while camping, hunting, biking or hiking for self-defense. The whistle’s sound can reach up to a piercing 120 decibels.

The LumAlert features an aluminum one-piece design without any plastic inserts, meaning no extra pieces can break off like other whistles. For easy carry, the LumAlert comes with a stainless steel keyring and is only about the length of a key itself.

Another key feature of the LumAlert is its Tritium glowfob. The glowfob is designed to so you can find the whistle with ease and in little time. The glowfob is guaranteed to provide light for 20 years without ever needing a charge.

The LumAlert is available in a variety of colors. To learn more or make a pledge to the Kickstarter campaign, visit Also be sure to check out the LumAlert Facebook page. The project will be funded until Dec. 11.

About BilletVault

BilletVault is a division of Helm Manufacturing which was started in 1977. We are a precision machine shop for the commercial and Hi Tech industries including but not limited to, military components, fiber optic components, automotive and production machine parts. We specialize in close tolerance CNC machining from prototype to full production. We thought it would be cool to come up with a High End line of phone case and stands using nothing but the best materials available. And allow the customer to personalize there case so that it is unique and different from everyone else’s.

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