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Photo by FEMA/David Bibo

The following is a release from FEMA:

The Student Tools for Emergency Planning (STEP) program is a classroom-based emergency preparedness curriculum for fourth- and fifth-graders in an easy, ready-to-teach format. Students will learn about disasters, emergencies, and hazards, and how to create a disaster supply kit and family emergency communication plan. STEP lesson materials include:

Download the STEP curriculum at, and watch the videos on FEMA’s YouTube channel. You also can request copies of these free materials from the FEMA Publications Warehouse by contacting FEMA-Youth-[email protected].

More About the STEP Program

This program was created in 2008, and is designed to teach students how to prepare for emergencies and disasters, and to train them to become leaders in family preparedness.

STEP is free for schools. Teachers are required to dedicate one hour of class-time to the base lesson, and have up to ten hours of optional lessons to reinforce the base lesson.

Participating schools receive ready-to-teach lesson materials, including DVDs, copies of student handouts, and disaster game cards. Students may also receive starter kit backpacks.

Students at participating schools have displayed confidence and knowledge in responding to disasters, and have enjoyed taking a leadership role in assembling a family emergency kit and making a family communications plan.

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