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Youth Prepraredness Council member Divakar Saini, Region IX, offers advice to stay safe in an emergency and the following four steps even busy people can take to prepare.

Step 1: Make a kit. An emergency kit provides basic survival items and enough essential provisions for you and your family to survive for 72 hours without external assistance.

Step 2: Make a plan. During an emergency, having a plan in place will help unite family members if they are apart.

Step 3: Be informed. Look for information from your local office of emergency management, and sign up to receive emergency alerts on your phone and through email.

Step 4: Connect with your neighbors. In an emergency, your neighbors are often the ones who you first encounter and who can help respond. Take the time to discuss emergency plans with one another.

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About Divakar Saini

Divakar’s motto is “Eprep is Essential,” and his impressive level of engagement with preparedness efforts in his community shows that he truly lives that motto. He created and taught a preparedness program for children ages 6-12, called “Masters of Disasters,” in conjunction with the Office of Emergency Services. He is also a trained member of his city’s Block Preparedness Coordinator (BPC) program and participates in the program’s quarterly drills. In collaboration with the adult BPCs, Divakar coordinated a project in which the members of his school’s emergency preparedness club painted house numbers on sidewalks.

Divakar also is committed to the use of technology as a way to make disaster preparedness and response more efficient and widespread. He created a smartphone app that allows BPCs and CERT volunteers to better coordinate with city officials, including the sharing of incident reports and the ability to sort them by priority. He maintains a Facebook page about emergency preparedness and contributes emergency preparedness tips to a newsletter. Divakar has also been involved with in-person outreach, including organizing preparedness booths at community events.

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