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In an active shooter situation, every second of response time counts and can be the difference between life and death. According to the Homeland Security News Wire, Battelle’s SiteGuard Active Shooter Response combines technology and hands-on training to prepare people for these situations.

According to Battelle, there have been about 160 active shooter events in the United States since 2000 and 60 percent of them were over before the police arrived.

The Homeland Security News Wire reported:

When integrated with building video systems SiteGuard ASR can help authorities determine the path of the shooter and advise occupants to seek cover or evacuate. A two-way voice communications system in the next generation of SiteGuard ASR will permit communication with the shooters or building occupants from a remote location, and assists in situational awareness and triage of those needing medical evacuation. An optional feature includes the ability to close and lock doors that could deny the shooter access to additional victims.

About Battelle SiteGuard

Battelle’s SiteGuard® Active Shooter Response (ASR) is designed to save lives by detecting, locating and responding to gunfire – automatically – to reduce response time in the first critical and chaotic minutes of an incident.

From the first gunshot until police intervention, SiteGuard ASR automates and accelerates 911 calls and notifications, triggers building lockdown and evacuation procedures and denies or delays shooter access to additional victims, all while simultaneously providing valuable information to first responders to improve their response and increase victim and officer safety.

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