In the field of survival prepping, no amount of food caching can compare to growing your own infinite supply from scratch. There is a primal connection between man and the earth. No matter your station in life, the satisfaction gleaned from eating something you grew from seed is common to us all. A good friend who served as a Navy SEAL during the Vietnam war once found himself temporarily in a great deal of trouble when his commanding officer stumbled across some potted plants during an inspection of his barracks room. It turned out his CO was unable to differentiate between marijuana and tomatoes. The subsequent production of a decent crop of the succulent red fruit cleared his good name and cemented his popularity with his barracks mates grown weary of bland Navy grub from the mess hall. hen it comes to growing food in inhospitable environments, few can compare to CERES. CERES greenhouse solutions are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

To quote the company, “CERES designs greenhouses to be self-sustaining, year-round growing environments. They heat and cool themselves with a ground heat exchanger called a GAHT system and automated window openers. Unlike normal greenhouses, they use minimal external energy to grow a wide range of food—kale to citrus—year-round. Using passive solar design and an insulated structure, CERES is putting the ‘green’ back in greenhouses.”

CERES greenhouses are easily erected out of pre-fabricated parts, can be customized to blend with the aesthetics of your home and are designed to endure any reasonable snow or wind load to create a long-lasting and durable structure. The structure itself is aggressively insulated to reduce heating and cooling needs in harsh environments, and the south-facing passive solar design captures light and heat during the day. The structure has a minimal electricity requirement to run its integral fans and can be operated with solar panels.

The key to the success of the CERES design is a concept called Integrated Thermal Mass. The ground-to-air heat exchanger built into their greenhouses uses the thermal mass of the soil underneath the structure to passively regulate temperature. This simple system heats and cools the greenhouse automatically while minimizing the necessity of human intervention. CERES greenhouses can even be built on wheels so that they can be trailered to their final destination.

The Prepper’s Garden

The appeal of a sustainable, abundant source of healthy food available 365 days a year is obvious. Growing your own vegetables allows an American rugged individualist to control exposure to pesticides and chemicals while customizing the food mix to suit a family’s tastes and needs. In addition to the freedom that comes from maintaining a source of sustenance independent of commercial trucking and commerce, the incorporation of a quality greenhouse can increase property values and facilitate the mastery of valuable new skills.

There are some unexpected benefits associated with maintaining a greenhouse that do not seem obvious at first brush. The inimitable smell of fresh earth and thriving plants strikes a pleasant chord on a visceral level. With the appropriate application of a hammock, some proper music, and a little light reading material a well-maintained greenhouse can also be used as a sanctuary from the stress and bustle of contemporary life.

Survival prepping is a multifaceted pursuit driven by geographic location, economic considerations, individual mindset and family requirements. Prepping properly can also be a function of the event horizons of expected calamities. If the crisis is a transient tornado that wreaks a finite swath of destruction, then one might reasonably expect resumption of basic services within 48 hours on the outside. If the scenario is a global currency collapse, an infectious pandemic or a similar society-threatening event, then considerations like sustainable food sources become critical.

Even if properly prepared, the new wears off of eating dried beans three times a day for weeks on end. With a sustainable greenhouse from CERES, the committed prepper can customize the food produced to reflect the needs and tastes of a particular family while producing the herbs and spices that can transform a tedious meal into a tasty one.

Not just anybody is a candidate for their own sustainable greenhouse. The structure has a modest geographic footprint and the investment to do it right is beyond the casual novice. However, for the serious rugged individualist blessed with a little space, a custom greenhouse from CERES that incorporates Integrated Thermal Mass technology can feed the family, treat depression, nourish a fun year-round hobby and transport its owner away from the cares of the day. With a little planning and a modest investment, you get a device that can help feed your family indefinitely. In that manner it is not unlike learning to fish.

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