Galco’s Great Alaskan Shoulder System was designed with a specific philosophy in mind—to comfortably tote large-caliber handguns while hunting, fishing or merely passing through territory where a tackle box .22 or a .38 snubbie in the pocket just won’t get the job done.

TRAIL SECURITY: There are times and places when a big-bore pistol is the only realistic ticket home at the end of the day, and a .338 Magnum leaning against a tree 20 feet away might as well be 20 miles away if you can’t get to it in time. Your pistol has to be accessible, and that typically means it should be no farther away than the length of your arms. The most effective way to ensure that it is involves on-body carry, and a caliber large enough to stop a charging critter from attacking you. Unfortunately, in the case of the heavier calibers, that also means heavier handguns. While no one minds having a 3-pound magnum revolver in hand when a grizzly’s about to pounce, that same 3 pounds of comforting steel and lead doesn’t take long to become a literal drag in a belt holster.

QUICK DRAW: Galco’s addressed this issue in the past with its Kodiak shoulder rigs designed for long-barreled hunting revolvers, and its new Great Alaskan Shoulder System is designed for shorter big bores in both semi-auto and revolver form. The Alaskan’s built around a sturdy, open-bottomed body with a snap strap that covers the hammer to avoid snagging. The rig is suspended from an adjustable leather and nylon harness to position the gun of choice front and center at sternum height, or just below the ribcage, and left of center mass for cross-draw access.

CUSTOM CARRY: The shoulder straps are 2 inches at their widest point, which keeps them from digging into the shoulder muscles under the weight of a heavy gun during long carry periods. The nylon section that circles the back uses a quick-release buckle that makes the rig quick and easy to put on or take off. The height of the holster is set with Chicago screws in holes at 2-inch intervals on the shoulder straps, but the chest strap is quickly adjustable at two points on the nylon section, which allows it to expand or tighten up as needed for clothing layers. Comfortable and sturdy, the Alaskan’s intended for large-frame revolvers with barrels up to 4 inches long and large-frame autos with barrels up to 5 inches long. The MSRP is $169.95. (; 800-874-2526)

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