1. MREs 

Meals ready-to-eat contain their own heat source that only requires a small amount of water to activate. While bland, each MRE contains about 1,250 calories, and is designed for situations that require a high expenditure of energy. Your body will burn a lot of calories to stay warm. They are available in military surplus and some sporting goods stores.

2. Indoor Space Heater 

Big Buddy heaters use propane and have a low-oxygen indicator built in. If the oxygen in the area gets too low, the heater will automatically shut off. The heater can be used with 1-pound propane tanks or hooked up to a 42-pound tank.(; 800-251-0001)

3. Camping Stove 

Get a stove that runs off the same fuel as your space heater. Backpacking stoves are small and lightweight, but can be frustrating to cook on for long periods of time and require specialized fuel canisters. Coleman makes a variety of propane camping stoves that will work with the pots and pans you already have in your kitchen and make cooking for your family easy. (; 800-835-3278)

4. Water Purification 

If you use melted snow or ice for water, it needs to be both filtered and purified before it is potable. Filtering removes the dirt and microscopic creatures, while purifying kills any bacteria that are living in the water. Boiling is effective, but it you’re trying to conserve propane, iodine tablets are the easiest way to purify water. Katydyn water filters quickly clean water and are available in a variety of sizes. (; 800-755-6701)

5. Entertainment 

Boredom leads to frustration and fighting among your family and friends, which is severely detrimental to working and living in such close quarters. Stock age-appropriate activities for everyone in your family that do not require batteries or electricity.


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