The idea to purchase a generator shouldn’t happen when a natural disaster is forecasted, nor should it be when the signs of economic or societal change are apparent. It should happen now, during the present, when all seems well throughout your daily life. Here are 10 options that might save your life.

For More Information

Honda Power Equipment

Generac; 888-436-3722

Goal Zero; 888-794-6250

Northern Tool and Equipment;800-221-0516

All Power

MaxTool; 800-629-3325

Northwoods Warehouse; 855-264-8673

Champion Power Equipment; 877-338-0999


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Post-Disaster Energy Alternatives

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Power Outages & Blackouts: How The World Could Change In 7 Days

Propane Backups For When The Grid Goes Down

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9 Generators That Will Power Through a Blackout

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