With the Java Can Kit, all your coffee bean needs are packed inside a durable container so you can store in your vehicle when going on a camping trip. Become the campsite barista with this ammo tin that stores everything from milk to the fuel canister to make the frothiest cup of coffee ever. The complete espresso kit is good for any weather condition

It is was designed by a U.S. Army Green Beret over several deployments and has been tested tin the firebases of Afghanistan and the Inca trails of South America.


  • Mil-Spec Military Container
  • 4 Cup Moka Pot
  • GSI Java Mill Coffee Grinder
  • Ultralight Camping Canister Fuel Stove
  • 12 oz Milk Frothing Pitcher
  • Milk Frothing Whisk
  • 6 oz Liquor Flask
  • Mini Camping Hand Towel
  • Four Stainless Steel Double Wall Java Cups

Fuel canister sold separately.

The MSRP for this device is $145. For more information visit

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