Floating Solar Farm, water
Photo by Flickr Creative Commons

A floating solar farm on the edge of London is on its way to providing 10 million residents with clean drinking water , according to an article by EcoWatch. Sitting on top the Queen Elizabeth II reservoir at Walton-on-Thames, the 6.3 megawatt array consists of 23,000 solar panels and according to The Guardian, it’s worth £6 million (an estimated $8 million). The 13.7 megawatt solar farm in Japan is slated to be completed in 2018 and will soon be the leader of supplying clean drinking water.

According to The Guardian, Angus Berry, energy manager for Thames Water said:

This will be the biggest floating solar farm in the world for a time—others are under construction.


Instead of draining electricity, the £6m project will be able to generate electricity to power the utility’s local water treatment plants without having the floating panels affect the ecosystem.

For more information, visit EcoWatch.com.

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