Natural Disaster Damages, Hurricane Katrina, social media, Twitter, Facebook
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Social network platforms have many uses and in this case, the key element is its data. A new study from the journal Science Advances, determines that natural disaster damages can be analyzed through social media activity, according to an article from the Homeland Security News Wire. In just a few hours, economic impact and amount of damaged caused by a natural disaster can be monitored in real-time through social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Research is conducted by analyzing Twitter activity before, during and after a natural disaster. A perfect example is Hurricane Katrina, according to researcher Esteban Moro Egido, of UC3M‘s Grupo Interdisciplinar de Sistemas Complejos — Complex Systems Interdisciplinary Group (GISC):

Given that citizens were turning to these platforms for communication and information related to the disaster, we established a strong correlation between the route of the hurricane and activity on social networks.


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