Sea Level Rise Projection, climate change, global warming
Photo by Flickr Creative Commons

TakePart compiled Climate Central‘s 10 photos of sea-level rise projection in coastal cities where water rises above California’s Venice Beach Boardwalk and creeps up the high-rise buildings in Back Bay, Boston. Sure, movies such as The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 have a few survival tips, but nothing can prepare a person for catastrophic climate changes.

According to TakePart, U.S. coastal cities are expected to be underwater with a sea-level rise projection of 20 feet by 2200 — even if humans keep the global temperatures from increasing above 2 degrees Celsius. That’s based on a new study from the July issue of Science where researchers analyzed three decades’ worth of data on ice-cap oxygen levels in order to establish how CO2 in today’s atmosphere coincids with atmospheric CO2 and sea levels in the past.

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