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A free iPhone Android game is on the market and it’s one that could possibly save lives. The Prepare for Impact app successfully teaches people aviation safety tips, according to a Yahoo! article. Here’s how it works: The app replicates petrifying in-flight scenarios like the instant those oxygen masks fall from the ceiling, crashing into the ocean, unusable exits, etc. It shows almost everything a flier doesn’t want to ever confront.

While playing this game, users make decisions as if they’re currently in a situation then get to see how their actions affect the outcome of making it to safety. Not everyone is always sure of what they’ll do during an emergency, but practicing with the Prepare for Impact app can teaches how to make it out of a plane crash alive.

According to Yahoo!, the app was created in Italy at the University of Udine by the Human-Computer Interaction Lab. Here’s a short video clip of the game that shows how to prep for worst-case scenarios:

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