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For the younger North American generation, farming is a dying industry and as time passes, family farms have become more of a distant memory to those who grew up on them, according to an video published by The Atlantic. A couple of young farmers want to take things back to the olden days when fresh vegetables were picked from the earth and not genetically modified. Sure, microwaving food is convenient, but nothing beats cooking it on a stove.

Apathetic young folks just aren’t into farming anymore, well, except for the elderly, and that has the farming industry in a fairly tight headlock. However, in Age of the Farmer, a short film with aesthetic features directed by Spencer MacDonald, he comes across a hopeful group of young farmers who are determined to revive farming, which might inspire others to join the fight in fueling its resurrection. MacDonald collaborated with photojournalist Eva Verbeeck to bring this film to life.

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