Products marketed to women are often just men’s products draped in leopard print. But that’s not the case in Panteao Productions’ training videos Make Ready with Tatiana Whitlock: Practical Concealed Carry for Women and Survivor’s Mindset for Ladies with Nikki Turpeaux. Both videos begin with good foundations—quality instructors with strong backgrounds in firearms and self-defense.

In Whitlock’s video, she begins by giving a clear overview and addressing specific issues women face every day. Her practical, no-nonsense style neither minimizes nor exaggerates the threats facing women in today’s world. She begins by outlining a variety of choices in firearms, from subcompact to full-sized handguns, detailing the pros and cons of each one for concealed carry. Next, she discusses accessories and considerations for a variety of situations, including business attire and evening wear.

Whitlock readily dismisses the idea of carrying a handgun in a purse, which is a common recommendation to women. Her reasoning is, she never wants to be separated from her source of protection. Whitlock expresses her personal preferences succinctly while validating every woman’s right to personal choice. She offers lots of options for holsters, carry positions and carry gear (extra magazines, a folding blade and medical supplies). She details all of this all before ever heading to the range, reiterating the importance of each woman making smart choices for what works best for them and their lifestyle.

Close Encounters

In the final sections of Whitlock’s video, she heads to the range, discussing what to do before, during and after a deadly-force encounter. She demonstrates practical range exercises, such as encounters within 5 feet, based on situations women realistically face. In fact, throughout the video, Whitlock bases her advice on how threats women face are different from the ones men face. For example, women are generally grabbed from close-up and dragged to another location. They are also often accompanied by young children.

Whitlock offers appropriate tactical options for these situations. She supports appendix carry and encourages particular draw styles at the range, such as, the “Rip” and the “Tuck.” She offers advice that doesn’t compartmentalize concealed carry but makes it part of a lifestyle, including situational awareness and using other tools, such as a flashlight, as a regular part of safety.

Whitlock never demeans a woman’s ability to handle concealed carry physically, mentally or emotionally, dismisses stereotypes and reinforces the power of familiarity and training.

24/7 Security

Nikki Turpeaux’s video, Survivors Mindset for Ladies, contains similar information and reinforces the message of the true nature of the threats women face. Although designed more like a fireside chat, the information offered is valid and interesting enough to make up for the lack of action. Nikki begins by encouraging women to dismiss ridicule that women who want to protect themselves are paranoid. She describes a survivor’s mindset as being “personal responsibility on a whole new level for women.”

Turpeaux then explains that a woman might be the only thing standing between a threat and others. A woman doesn’t have to leave protection up to a man. She must plan to be the protector, not only of herself and her family, but for others in the community if she chooses. Turpeaux articulates the importance of having a survival lifestyle. She details ways to keep safe, both with and without lethal force, in-person and online, as well as how to make communication plans and address threats involving your children, such as on field trips or during camp.

Both videos give practical, usable advice that drives home the need for pre-planning, the proper tools and training when it comes to self-defense for women. Being aware of your surroundings, assessing threats and being mentally prepared to use deadly force are all essential to survival, and Panteao’s videos for women repeat these time and again. Nikki’s video sums it up best when she states, “What are you willing to do to live?”

This article was originally published in the SURVIVOR’S EDGE™ Spring 2016 issue. Subscription is available in print and digital editions here.

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