Tsunami Preparedness Week 2016, natural disaster, tsunami, earthquake
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On Sunday, March 27, 1964 a devastating 9.2 magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit Alaska, and this year that date also marks the start of Tsunami Preparedness Week that lasts through April 2. Unfortunately, natural disasters will always claim the lives of innocent people, but the best way to help yourself not become a victim is by being fully prepared. The Great Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami caused over $2.3 billion in property loss. Damages to communities and properties are inevitable when it comes to these catastrophes, but if you’re located anywhere near a coast, consider this information to be very valuable for you and your loved ones.

Preparing for a tsunami is akin to prepping for other disasters. For instance, one should formulate an effective family communication plan, create a disaster tool kit and find out about all possible evacuation plans in your community and children’s school. This leaves less room for surprises and will help keep you and your family safe.

For more tips and information, visit the National Weather Service website or the TsunamiZone.

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