Someone naked and afraid in the wildness or scrounging for bugs to eat makes for great reality TV. Scenarios like this are all well and good from the comfort of your couch until the power goes out. As you walk outside to find out what happened, you realize that the outage is the result of a much larger emergency that has crippled the power grid and left you and your family in an unsecure location. Before you grab your bug-out bag and head for the hills, stop and think: Can I survive three days in the woods with no gear or food? Here are 10 highly rated schools that will teach you what you need to know to survive and live off the land.

For more information on these survival schools, see below:

Mountain Shepherd Survival School; 434-238-4094

Primitive Pursuits; 607-272-2292

Wilderness Awareness School; 425-788-1301

Byron Kerns Survival; 352-350-4450

True North Wilderness Survival School; 412-362-3218

Ancient Pathways; 928-526-2552

Survival Training School of California; 805-503-886

Boulder Outdoor Survival School; 800-335-7404

Aboriginal Living Skills School; 928-713-1651

Advanced Survival Training


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