Screwpop released an extremely useful everyday carry gear recently — the Wishbone Wrench carabiner multi-tool. It’s the latest design in its line of clipable and compact tools that can be purchased on its Kickstarter page for a pledge of $10.00 or more.

The Wishbone Wrench is so small and handy that you can clip it on a keyring, strap, cord or belt-loop, it’s the perfect pocket multi-tool.

Pledges will help Screwpop pay for the first tooling cost of its first production run and customers can expect their product to be delivered around Sept. 2016.
  • Material: Stainless steel (420)
  • Size: .125″ x 1.23″ x 2.80″
  • Weight: .7 oz
  • Finishes: Black nitride and metallic


I you back this project by pledging at least $10.00 you can get a free Ron’s Utility Knife 2.0, including free shipping.

About Screwpop

Founded in January 2009, Screwpop Tool LLC first introduced its successful Screwdriver, which was sold worldwide. In 2011, the Screwdriver was offered in black that would translate into customization in early 2012.

To learn more about Screwpop, visit or for more information about the Wishbone Wrench carabiner multi-tool, visit

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