electrical grid, power grid cyberattack
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Hackers can cause some serious damage to computer networks and systems. Currently, the federal government’s worse nightmare is the aftermath of a power grid cyberattack, according to FCW.

During a House hearing on April 14, lawmakers inquired about what plans were put in place in following a large-scale cyberattack on the power grid. FCW reports that the federal government is not prepared with any possible scenarios and while that may be the case, there are still some ways for people to prep for a cyberattack on the electrical grid infrastructure.

When a blackout looms, portable generators do come in handy, but “generators are very expensive,” said Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate, according to the article, and rightfully so. He’s speaking in the sense of powering an entire community for who knows how long because cyberattacks are unpredictable and there’s no telling how long a power grid being taken out is going to affect a community.

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