Welcome to “Wild Kitchen” with Athlon Outdoors author Bri Van Scotter. Known for her platform “Wilderness to Table,” Bri will take you through the steps of not only hunting your own game, but preparing it and plating it. In Episode No. 1, Bri discusses the right way to go about quail prep.

From Bri’s debut in the summer 2017 issue of Ballistic magazine:

“Most chefs are always thinking about flavors, textures, pairings and ingredients. We are constantly learning and getting inspired by recipes. What I quickly found was there was a lack of creative recipes for wild game. I certainly found a lot about grilling a backstrap, but what about the rest of the meat? So, I decided to change that, and I created Wilderness to Table, which is solely dedicated to hunting and showcasing the beauty of wild game meat through delicious recipes.”

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