Renowned permaculturalist Paul Wheaton is teaching a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course and an Appropriate Technology Course (ATC) back to back, from May 28 through June 10 and June 12 through June 23. The classes will primarily focus on homestead-scale permaculture. The PDC course will be geared primarily toward design, with various projects that’ll enhance students’ design skills.

Billed as a “permaculture extravaganza,” the courses will include no less than eight guest instructors, including the redoubtable Tim Barker, author, natural builder, educator and conservationist Thomas J. Elpel;  master gardener, farmer and consultant Helen Atthowe; botanist, educator, writer, researcher, rocket mass heater innovator, natural builder, and boat aficionado Ernie Wisner; science and art educator, curriculum developer, writer, illustrator, researcher, and rocket mass heater innovator Erica Wisner; biodynamic farmer, author, and natural beekeeper Jacqueline Freeman; Sepp Holzer protégé Zach Weiss; and architect, artist, and entrepreneur Davin Hoyt.

Tickets for these upcoming classes sold out long ago, but in order to accommodate those who aren’t able to attend, Wheaton and his team decided to stream them live.

That’s where you come in.

Paul Wheaton has launched a kickstarter campaign to raise money for the equipment to make the live stream happen. If you’re interested on getting these courses on film, head on over to the campaign page and contribute. There’s tons of tiered and stretch goal rewards to be had.

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