One of the greatest challenges of carrying a knife (or any other weapon) for self-defense is settling on a carry position that works with everything you wear—from jeans all the way to swim trunks. The new Para-Claw from Outdoor Edge solves this problem in a truly unique way. It incorporates the knife into the buckle of a paracord survival bracelet. The result is a stylish bracelet that works with any mode of dress, yet offers a small but potent quick-access blade.

The Para-Claw Concept

The idea for the Para-Claw was developed by Fugi Escobido, a former professional bounty hunter. Like most savvy armed professionals, he trained diligently to protect and retain his pistol during close-quarter struggles. While he realized that a knife could be a highly effective handgun-retention tool, accessing it during the throes of an all-out struggle was difficult.

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After lots of trial and error with folders and various types of fixed blades, Escobido made his own bracelet knife and started wearing it on his dominant hand. If a bad guy went for his gun, he could use his strong-side elbow to defend the gun in the holster. Meanwhile, his non-dominant hand accessed the knife. Far from theory alone, Escobido validated this tactic in actual application on the street.


Intrigued by Escobido’s concept, David Bloch of Outdoor Edge took it to the next level. He designed a patent-pending buckle that safely contains the sharp blade and effectively balances security and easy access. When the blade is sheathed, the two halves of the buckle are locked together with an elegantly simple snap-fit mechanism.

To draw the blade, simply grip the male/blade end of the buckle and rock it upward slightly to unlock it. For easy visual and tactile reference, the thumb ramp and the top of the buckle feature textured grooves, which support a positive draw.

Donning the Para-Claw bracelet is as easy as putting on your favorite wristwatch, or holstering your compact revolver. It can be conveniently worn, regardless of your style of dress, at all times. The Para-Claw gives you a powerful personal defense option regardless of the situation.

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